Film Festival Program at a Glance...

 "War & Peace!"

SATURDAY ~ December 17th 

10:00am        Registration and Breakfast
10:30am        Festival Opening
11:00am        The War You Don't See   (Iraq, Afghanistan, 2010)

12:45pm        Occupation 101   (Palestine, 2006)
  2:15pm        Lunch
  2:55pm        The Revolution Will Not Be Televised   (Venezuela, 2003)
  4:15pm        Fireflies in the Night   (Cuba, Haiti, 2010)
  4:40pm        Break

  5:00pm        "Making a Documentary Film: 

                      A Master Class with Saul Landau"
                                 Saul Landau's films featured during this seminar: 
                             6:30pm     Conversation with Allende
                             7:00pm     Break
                             7:15pm     Cuba and Fidel
                             7:40pm     The CIA Case Officer
                             8:10pm     Will the Real Terrorist Please Stand Up?

SUNDAY ~ December 18th   

10:00am        Registration and Breakfast
10:30am        Festival Opening
10:50am        Rethink Afghanistan   (Afghanistan, 2009)
12:00pm       Syria: Between Iraq and a hard place   (Syria, 2004)
12:40pm        South of the Border   (Latin America, 2009) 
  2:00pm        Lunch
  2:35pm        Struggle at Attawapiskat   (Indigenous Nations, 2011)
  3:00pm        Six Miles Deep  
(Indigenous Nations, 2009)
  3:50pm        Bloody Spring "Maledetta Primavera"   (Libya, 2011)
  5:15pm        Occupy: The Movie   (Occupy Wall St. & Beyond, 2011)
  6:00pm        Tunisia: The Revolution Begins   (Tunisia, 2011)
  6:45pm        The Egyptian Revolution: Day by Day   (Egypt, 2011)

  8:05pm        Festival Closing