"Program at a glance"

8th Annual Vancouver International Film Festival for Peace

"U.S. War on the World"

10:00-12:50   YOUNG LIONS - An anti-war classic explores the destiny of three soldiers during World War II. Starring Marlon Brando and Montgomery Cliff. 

12:50-01:00   MC OPENING

01:00-02:40   THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN IN AMERICA - This important documentary shows how Daniel Ellsberg helped change the face of the American war machine in Vietnam when he released The Pentagon Papers in 1971.

02:40-02:50   BREAK

02:50-03:50   THIS BODY IS A PRISON - This documentary visits the struggle of Palestinians not seen on the daily news.

03:50-04:55   IRAN AND THE WEST - A British documentary made to mark the 30th anniversary of the 1979 Iranian Revolution, shows the impact of constant provocation and intervention of the Unites States government on Iranian internal affairs.

04:55-05:50  THE DAECHURI WAR - As the U.S. Government expands military bases in Pyeongtaek city, a war is being waged against the farmers of the South Korean village of Daechuri.

05:50-06:25   JENA 6 - This documentary explains the case of 6 African-American youth put on trial as racial tensions lead to the largest Civil Rights demonstration in the South since the time of Martin L. King Jr. Narrated by Mumia Abu Jamal.

06:25-07:15   DISPATCHES: IRAQ'S SECRET WAR FILES - One of the largest official files leak in history with nearly 400,000 Iraq war logs, reveals the reality of the ongoing war and occupation of Iraq, from civilian deaths to torture and cover-ups.

07:15-08:50   RESTREPO - This documentary follows a platoon of soldiers in occupied Afghanistan.

08:50-08:55   MC CLOSING


10:00-12:05   CATCH 22 - An anti-war classic against militarism and war.

12:05-12:15   MC OPENING

12:15-02:10   QUIEN DIJO MIEDO? - A moving documentary about the struggle of the Honduran people against a United States sponsored Coup d'Etat in June 2009.

02:10-02:20   BREAK

02:20-04:20   CUBA: AN AFRICAN ODYSSEY - A documentary showing United States interventions in Africa and contrasting them to the constructive role Cuba has played in Africa.

04:20-04:40   THE BIRD & THE PRISONER - A story about one of the Cuban 5 political prisoners held in U.S. jails. Story read by Danny Glover.

04:40-06:55   KANEHSATAKE: 270 YEARS OF RESISTANCE - 2010 marks the 20th anniversary of the Mohawk people defending their land from the expansion of a golf course. This documentary explores their heroic struggle for self-determination and against the government of Canada.

06:55-08:25   CANADA: IMPERIALIST AT HOME / IMPERIALIST ABROAD - A multimedia feature created by Mobilization Against War and Occupation to uncover the truth about how the government of Canada's policies are impacting poor and oppressed people around the world.

08:25-08:35   MC CLOSING

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